Special Gifts for VIP Weekend Party Boys

Attention all global jet setters!

For those of you who travel the world seated in the front of airplane—and all the rest of us who’d like to!—those keepsake amenity kits provided to pamper you on your first class journey are usually filled with top-end luxury items. Top designer Anya Hindmarch created British Airways’ First Class kits, Alitalia doles out Bulgari products, and Singapore Airlines offers up Kiehl’s products in theirs. This year, Care Resource will be doing a similar kind of pampering with an amazing assortment of products provided in its VIP Gift Bags.

All holders of the VIP Weekend Party Boy Pass will receive one VIP Gift Bag. The exclusive bag contains a variety of items for your pleasure and enjoyment, including miniature bottles of your favorite spirits (vodka, gin), a silver tin condom holder (because we all know great sex is safe sex), a 2012 White Party Compilation CD by world-renowned DJ Joe Gauthreaux (who is also spinning Muscle Beach), and other cool contents. Also, one lucky random VIP Gift Bag will contain a iPod Touch 5th Generation loaded with over $2,000 in preloaded dance and trance tunes courtesy of Centaur Music. To top it all off, VIP Gift Bags will also contain Oraquick, the first in-home oral HIV test—allowing you to know your status in 20 minutes! And we know that one of the best ways to prevent the spread of HIV is to know your status.

You won’t be needing eyeshades or earplugs for White Party Weekend, and our VIP Gift Bags will provide all the pampering you’ll need.